Protecting confidential data is a top priority for most organizations. As a business leader, you can’t ignore the risk of financial information, employee records or other private information being exposed to unintended sources. Unfortunately you also need to protect yourself from both internal and external threats.

That’s why some of the area’s most security-conscious corporations have selected the Ray Morgan Company. Starting with our exclusive risk assessment service, organizations small and large have been able to safeguard themselves and their employees.

Common Security Risks

Only authorized personnel can access computer. Folder and file access permissions.
Regularly update anti-virus software with latest threat remedies
Is data backed occasionally or on schedule basis?
How recent is the data if you had to recover from a disaster?
Are critical business files backed up – financial, HR, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, CRM systems?
Do you test your data recovery process at regular intervals to make sure it works?
Do you update with current “patches” and services packs to eliminate new security breaches?
Are applications, databases, accounts configured for security?
Do you have a plan for business continuity?
Have you tested it?
Do you have a firewall on our broadband connection?
Do your servers have redundancy – mirrored drives, RAID, power supplies?
Is wireless network secure?
Is remote VPN access secure?
Do you use anti-spam, anti-virus software?
Is staff aware of phishing attacks and what to do?
Does your staff know what to do if they receive a potential virus attachment?
Do you have and enforce security policies for USB drives, PDAs, smartphones?
How quickly can you recover from a serious hardware failure?
Is your support contract good enough?
Is your website account securely password protected?
Is your website backup up by the host provider?


Interested in a complimentary risk assessment? Contact us to learn more about how our team of trained professionals can perform a risk assessment in your office to identify immediate and potential areas of exposure. Contact us to start a conversation.

Multifunctional Device Security Information
As the areas preeminent provider of office automation, the Ray Morgan Company (RMC) has received several inquiries requesting information on how to secure the data on multifunction devices. Consequently, we are publishing relevant information so that you may include the necessary precautions as part of your organization’s existing data security policy. As with any IT resource that contains a hard drive, it is the responsibility of your organization to ensure the security and integrity of confidential information. While this may be obvious to IT professionals, RMC would like to ensure that all our customers have access to the necessary information to safeguard their data.

Security Options

  • Hard Disk Drive Format Technology: This is a function on all Canon products which allows the user or system administrator to conduct a one time overwrite of a device hard drive prior to decommissioning. This addresses concerns on data being “readily available.” Detailed information on how to perform this function is contained here.
  • Hard Drive Data Erase Kit: This is an added level of security provided to clients as an accessory, either at the time of sale or anytime subsequent to installation. This level of security will ensure that no traces of any temporary data or deleted documents remain and leaves nothing vulnerable in the hard drive. Please contact RMC for information on the acquisition and installation of this accessory. Detailed information on this additional level of security is explained in this brochure for download.
  • Encryption Security Kits: In addition to the above HDD Erase Kit, an additional layer of security is offered via the optional HDD Date Encryption Kit. Please contact your Ray Morgan Company account representative for information on acquisition and installation of this accessory. Detailed information on this additional level of security is explained here.

Additionally, the Ray Morgan Company can offer the following

  • Removal and Replacement of Hard Drive: Upon your request, RMC will remove the hard drive of any Canon copier (in coordination with your IT staff) and will surrender the same to your designate for proper disposal. The fee for this service will vary from product to product but can range between $350 to $600 per device in most cases. For customers that are leasing their equipment, it is required that a new hard drive be installed in the device to meet the lessor’s requirement that you return the system in proper working condition. If you own your system and will be disposing the unit yourself, a replacement hard drive is optional. If you plan to trade-in your owned system, a working hard drive is necessary for the unit to have viable trade in value.

Lastly, Ray Morgan Company can provide a free security analysis to help you understand what level of security might be most appropriate for your organization. The above information is targeted towards the security of data on the hard drive, however, the best way to ensure the ongoing security of your sensitive data is to explore the broad scope of security features available from Canon USA and Ray Morgan Company. You can find out more on the Canon USA site here.
Request your free security assessment.

We hope that this information provides you with the necessary level of comfort that the tools and options available to you from Canon USA, Inc. and Ray Morgan Company are robust and address any concern you might have. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or require support in this area.